Dr. Keller & Ott are committed to caring for your entire family. Finding a provider you trust is an important part of staying healthy. We offer you a wide range of health care services to maintain or achieve your best health during your stay in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

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Meet our providers

Our physicians are Tricare International SOS' providers.

Our physician assistants and nurse practitioners are are happy to serve you in English! 

Uta Keller, MD

 Physician | Family Medicine | Palliative Care | Homeopathy 
English & French

Kristina Ott, MD

 Physician | Family Medicine | Palliative Care 
English & Spanish

Florian Ott, MD

 Physician | Internal Medicine | Travel Medicine  


Pia Herzog, MD

Resident Physician


Acute & Symptomatic Care

cold & cough - bites - back pain - acute mental illness - allergies - skin irritations - uti - mild abominal pain - pink eye

Health maintenance

disease monitoring - geriatric care - palliative care - mental health

Preventive medicine

 general physicals - immunizations and vaccines - diabetes screening - heart health screening - cholesterol screening - skin exams 

Diagnostic Services 

ultrasound - ambulatory BP measuring - EKG - holter -  cycle ergometer - hearing test - spirometry


complete blood count - chemistry - 
coagulation - urinalysis - stool sample - virus swabs - on site labs (CrP, D-Dimeres, Troponin-I) - STD screening