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Refugees please call us prior to your visit. You need to bring a "Behandlungsschein" to your appointment. This is a certificate, that allows us to treat you. You do not have to pay for the medical care. Please ask for a "Behandlungsschein" at the immigration office (tel. +49 8821 751 316). In case of an emergency, please call us - we will find a solution!


8 am - 12 pm

4 pm - 6 pm


8 am - 12 pm

4 pm - 6 pm


8 am - 12 pm


8 am - 12 pm

5 pm - 7 pm


8 am - 1 pm

We speak

English, Englisch
Espanol, Spanisch, spanish
Francais, Französisch, French

Primary healthcare

We offer a full range of patient-centered family medicine services. Our services include geriatric care and are performed to the highest standards of medical care and customer service. Please call us, if you are in quarantine.

  • family health care
  • acute and chronic care
  • immunizations for all ages
  • immunization for yellow fever
  • preventive Medicine
  • palliative Care
  • homeopathy
  • home visits
  • COVID-19 vaccine
  • COVID-19 swab (rapid testing & PCR)
  • COVID-19 antibody test
  • ultrasound
  • EKG
  • wounds
  • on-site lab
  • bloodwork
  • urine & stool sample

Medical staff

Arzt Hausarzt Garmisch Keller Ott Nagelspange Homöopathie G26.III English GP



Uta Keller, MD

Family Medicine and Homeopathy

Dr. Keller is fluent in English and French


Kristina Ott, MD

Family Medicine

Dr. Ott is fluent in English and Spanish


Florian Ott, MD

Internal Medicine

Travel Medicine & Yellow Fever

Florian Ott is fluent in English


We are one of the International SOS’ Network Providers. Your health plan option determines the type of doctor or "provider" you'll see. All services require prior authorization from International SOS. For more information, please see Tricare Customer Service for Germany.

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Hausarzt Garmisch Keller Ott Nagelspange Homöopathie G26.III

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Dr. Uta Keller | Dr. Kristina Ott | Florian Ott

Zugspitzstraße 72 | 82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen

phone:+49 (0) 8821 54131 | fax: +49 (0) 8821 79370